What Should You Know Before Siliguri Hotel Booking?

What Should You Know Before Siliguri Hotel Booking?


Siliguri is one of the most happening tourist stops in whole of North Bengal. The city witnesses a stuffed-up tourist all throughout the year. The main reason lies behind the most wonderful and convenient location. Siliguri is the gateway to some of the most magnificent destinations that attract the greatest number of travellers. However, when you plan your trip to the hills via Siliguri, it is recommended to stop and spend a day in Siliguri as it is itself a great place to explore. The smooth Siliguri hotel booking services make your stay even more convenient at Siliguri.

Things you need to know before visiting Siliguri

Siliguri is one of the most developed settlements in West Bengal. This city has been very welcoming and hospitable from a long time. Surrounded by the hills on all sides, Siliguri is a huge hub of travellers. However, it is usually a stop or a stopover location of the tourists before proceeding to the mighty hill stations. The Siliguri hotel booking is one of the most developed sectors as it is also the most demanded facility.

Pack efficiently and check the weather

Due to the influence of hill stations and high-peaked mountains, Siliguri has an unpredictable weather. You might witness off-season rainfall here. Therefore, keep a light sweater or pullover. Carry your basics for rainy days if you are touring in Siliguri.

Do not miss the street food once you are here

Siliguri serves mouth-watering and famous street foods that are one of the best in Bengal. The phuchkas (panipuri), chowmein and chats outside a few famous spots is must try. In addition, you cannot miss one of the best momos in India, that is served hot especially with the spicy red chutney. The proud Bengal culinary of Siliguri boasts best restaurants and places for authentic Bangla cuisine.

Explore the Hong Kong market

Every tourist who comes to Siliguri, makes it a point to shop and stroll from the very famous Hong Kong market. The market hosts a wide number of Chinese products that re sold at unbelievable prices. You can purchase or just sonder on the interesting things sold at the Hong Kong market. It is one of the most crowded places in Siliguri.

Exotic places in the city

Siliguri boasts of a number of must-visit places.

  • Iskcon Temple
  • Bengal Safari
  • National Science City
  • Savin Kingdom (Amusement Park)

The best hospitable environment

Due to the lot of tourists all over the year for the hilly vacations, Siliguri hotel booking hosts one of the best hospitalities. Not only this, the locals of the city are super-friendly and you will feel very welcoming in this land of tourism and gateway to heavens of Himalayas.

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