Perfectly Good Holiday Destination By Its Own Right

Perfectly Good Holiday Destination By Its Own Right


Siliguri is a place that is no stranger to passionate backpackers. Besides being the gateway for many tourist attractions such as Darjeeling, Sikkim to name a few but it also has its own set of places that can give you a trip to cherish forever. The best quality about Siliguri that attracts many travelers is the prime perfectness in balancing both natural grandeur and rising commercialism. Due to this reason, hotels in Siliguri are always benefited from a higher source of revenue as travelers are always interested to explore this part of India throughout the year.

       This article mainly showcases the prime spots in Siliguri that can give you full value for your money and make your trip worthwhile along with a short description of the finest hotels in Siliguri that can make your stay more comfortable.

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1. The best places you must visit in Siliguri

2. Hotel Manila

3. Conclusion

The best places you must visit in Siliguri

There are many places in Siliguri that can make your trip highly memorable and exciting.

1. ISKCON Temple

Let us start our countdown on a devotional note. ISKCON temple is a premier landmark not only in Siliguri but also in other parts of India too. The temple is highly acclaimed for its rich ambiance and beautiful campus and can easily strengthen your spirituality on a higher note. This is a personal choice but still, it is the best place that you can start your trip with some blessings of the almighty. The other devotional places in this region are Sevoke Kali Mandir, Salugara Monastery, and Lokenath Temple to name a few.

2. Mahananda Weir Wildlife Sanctuary

This place is relatively good for wildlife sightseeing and less competitive trekking. You may spot goat, deer, tiger, and multiple varieties of birds on your visit to this place. The other places that exhibit Siliguri natural prowess are Madhuban Park, Chilapata Forest to name a few.

3. City Centre

City Centre is the biggest mall in Siliguri that caters to top national and international brands. You can find a large number of outlets of many reputed companies starting from fashion, sports, food, entertainment to name a few. This will be a great experience as you can avail all the services under one roof. The other big malls in the city are Cosmos and Vega circle.

4. Hong Kong Market

This is a legendary place where you can go for shopping anything you want for this trip. There is a large display of both local and imported goods that can worth your every penny.

5. Amusement Parks

The Savin Kingdom and Dreamland is the major amusement park in this region along with Science city as other forms of entertainment.

Hotel Manila

We are recognized as the finest hotel in Siliguri that is entirely dedicated to providing all the essential services to our entire guests so that they have a warm and comfortable stay.


Siliguri is a place that is distinguished not only in beautiful sightseeing and activities but also for hospitality too.

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