Mouth-Watering Dishes Of The Bengali Cuisine

Mouth-Watering Dishes Of The Bengali Cuisine


Food is the first love of the state of Bengal. Starting from the famous bhaja, to spicy jhal muri in the evening, to maach delicacies and it cannot end without the ever famous roshogulla, come to the best hotel in Siliguri to taste authenticity.

Alu Posto

The most accepted vegetarian dish and the perfect breakfast eaten with luchi (also known as puri), Alu Posto is a lip-smacking dish filled with ground spices and the authenticity of freshly prepared posto.


The Calcutta Biryani is renowned everywhere in the country for its unique taste and elements. Although derived from Awadhi Biryani, this particular quite biryani had been further accentuated with additions just like the potato and coddled egg which has since then been the signature sort of this dish!


Bengali households have invented the right thanks to making the youngsters eat their greens! They came up with this delectable recipe made from vegetable and even, in fact, bitter gourd, which normally one wouldn't be so willing to eat. Shukto may be a mixed vegetable, which features a runny gravy and is incomplete without the addition of bitter gourd and boil.

Muri Ghonto

This Bengali variation of kind of Biryani puts all hunger craving to rest with its uniqueness. Kind of a Fish Pulao, the taste of this Pulao will have your heart. The best hotel in Siliguri serves best Bengali dishes.

Bhetki Maach Er Paturi

A signature Bengali dish, where any fish or preferably Bhetki fillet marinated during a mustard and coconut paste is wrapped in banana leaf and cooked on a slow flame to form what's known to us as BhetkiMaacherPaturi! With practically no oil, this is often a dish for all trying to find a healthy yet tasty meal!

Ilish Macher Jhol

One of the much-favoured fishes within the region, Hilsa or ilish fish curry is some things that you simply have gotten to undertake your hands on. The tart smelling curry prepared with Nigella seeds and chilli to offer it the specified balance that creates it so perfect. You can miss this fish delicacy if you are in Bengal.


The most popular sweet from the Bengali state, this dish is formed of khoya, a version of milk and is heavenly in taste. The uniqueness in the sweet dish will savour your taste buds and you cannot just agree for one. One should definitely do this delightful West Bengal desert.

Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi may be a sweetened yoghurt dish that's served at the top of supper and is a sweet dish. Though served all around the country now, it had been initially made famous by Bengal.

On your trip to Siliguri, you must the try the delicacies of Bengal in the best hotel in Siliguri.


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