Have a Look at The History of the Hotels in India

Have a Look at The History of the Hotels in India


The above title seems to be extremely interesting and as to how this concept of hospitality raised. Especially in India, it accounts to be a very ancient idea. From time and beyond, Indians have followed a quote stating “Athithi Devo Bhava” which means “Guest is God”. Therefore, given to this belief of Indian nation, where would you experience a Godly hospitality? In addition to this, the evolution of hosting guests can be stretched to a long back in history. However, a history still holds proudly for the hotels with the idea of welcoming outsiders and guests and making them feel comfortable in the new place. The best hotel in Siliguri shares the history of hotels in India.

Tracing into the history of hotels

The origin of the hotel industry in India can't be traced to a definitive point of your time, there's evidence of its presence even during the Indus Valley Civilization and Vedic Era. In olden days, travel was predominantly undertaken for pilgrimage and trade. The concept of char Dham among the Hindu community is a crucial indicator of significance accorded to pilgrimage by their ancestors.

The country stands dotted with many such shrines, a number of which are frequented by people of all faiths. Classical texts and history, as also Hindu mythology, have many patrons to travel and therefore the requirement of comfort facilities for wandering pilgrims and merchants by the experts of these days.

While it's not clear when accommodation appeared as a signboard activity in ancient India, there's confirmation of accommodation amenities for travellers and visitors, though not as planned as we see them today.

The lodging houses during those times were referred to as Dharamshala (dharma in Sanskrit means religion and shala school). Dharamshalas, the resting places for pilgrims, are believed to possess their origins in village chapels, which served as a gathering ground for the villagers to plan and discuss various welfare and development measures.

The organized existence of the hotel industry in India started taking shape during the colonial period, with the arrival of Europeans within the seventeenth century. the first hotels were mostly operated by people of foreign origin to cater to the requirements of the colonizers and later officials.

Post-independence, there have been big leaps within the hotel trade the country. Over a previous couple of decades, various well-known international hotel chains have come to India.


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